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The Story

We believe that appearance is a powerful form of communication, a language people speak. What we want to do is help people speak that language eloquently.

Every person is beautiful. Every person. During our daily lives, we forget how beautiful we are. Appearances is a place that reminds people of that-just how beautiful and important they are.

Without a doubt, what makes Appearances special is the staff. Each and every one of our staff members are dedicated professionals. They are special, talented individuals who are trained in giving our clients the style they're looking for and making sure they leave with a smile.

Every single service and every product we sell is 100% guaranteed. We do everything we can from the time a person walks through our front door until the time they leave to ensure they are happy and they feel important. To us, they are very important. We've geared our business towards making our clients feel beautiful and important. We want people to love the way they look and feel.

Meet Our Team

Bernie Koch

Years of service:  51

Favorite Services you like to do: example:  haircuts, color, skin care, nails and why?
Cutting.  I love to cut shape and lines to complement the shape and lines of the face.

Personal philosophy:
If it doesn’t look good wet…its not a good haircut

Your strongest asset to the beauty industry?
I can see what would look good on a person and make it happen.

Cara Horn

Years of service: 17

Favorite Services you like to do: example:  haircuts, color, skin care, nails and why?
I love creating new lines in a haircut to change the shape and lines in their face. 

Personal  philosophy :
Treat others how you want to be treated.

Your strongest asset to the beauty industry?
My knowledge and experience with hair, skin and nails.

Deb Alstott

My thirty years at Appearances have been where I’ve grown, learned and enjoyed the hair business.

Seeing changes throughout and coming back around has been inspiring to learn.  Subtle shifts and always evolving techniques have kept me excited and loving my time sharing these skills with my clients.

As a colorist, I tend to focus on the natural and soft. I am definitely inspired by nature!

Cutting is the foundation for everything else, so I try to listen to the consultation with my clients.  It’s important to understand their desire and incorporate that with their length and texture.

My relationship with my clients is so valuable to me.  I’m very blessed to have them. I’ve spent much of my education with the Davines Company who has given me the tools and the knowledge to keep learning and perfecting my skills.  

I have the best career in the world!!

Brooke Wallner

Years of service: 8 1/2

Favorite Services you like to do: example:  haircuts, color, skin care, nails and why?
Color & Haircuts. I feel that even the smallest thing can make a huge difference

Personal  philosophy :
Its just hair!  I love change

Your strongest asset to the beauty industry?
My dedication to assuring that my clients appreciate & feel good about their hair and overall look

Maureen “Moe” Duckworth

In the industry since 2012.  Maureen “Moe”, though native to Springfield, started her career in Indianapolis IN. at the Paul Mitchell School.  

After graduating, she completed an apprentice program at the salon where she had the opportunity to work with the Colts cheerleaders doing hair and makeup for photoshoots and game days.  After three years there she returned home to Springfield. She started another apprenticeship at Appearances where she worked while in high school.

Moe has been sharing her knowledge and passion of hair and makeup with her clients at Appearances since 2015. She takes pride in her ability to communicate with clients to understand what they are wanting and execute a service that leaves them feeling better than they did  when the entered the salon. “I love being able to make people feel more confident about themselves in their daily lives.”

Lauren Thompson

I am a stylist who enjoys all hair types and challenges.  I love the creativity of haircutting. I like all color, but really enjoy fashion color.  I also love to do updos and braids. They are my favorite.

I am patient and considerate with my clients and appreciate the time they give in their lives to take care of themselves.  I love to make people feel confident, beautiful and happy with their hair.

Timothy Strawn
Educator, Barber and Stylist

He started his career in the arts, He has spent the majority of his life creating art and working with many mediums. In high school Timothy started searching for a career where he could be creative and bring his ideas to life, that’s when he discovered the hair industry. Barbering interested him more than any other career. As a stylist he could be creative and make a name for himself. He started at the National Barber College of Taylorville in senior year of high school. He went every Saturday until he graduated high school and then started going full time to college. After a summer of college he started his year long apprenticeship at Appearances. He shadowed under Bernie Koch and Myles Alexander, learning everything he could. Once he acquired his license he went to an intensive four day training course at Allilon Education where he learned precision haircutting and how to create a custom haircut for every one of his clients. Now he works at Appearances, educating, working with clients and pushing himself forward and learning everything he can.

He says “My passion is creativity and education. The people around me and my clients inspire me to push myself and do better…..My philosophy is passion over profit, stay consistent, stay disciplined, stay humble and never stop learning”

Timothy is a consistent and disciplined stylist, he respects and appreciates every one of his clients. He creates a unique and suitable haircut for every one of his clients. He puts his clientele first and always stays professional.

His strengths are barbering, men’s styling, short haircuts for women and fashion colors. Tim is most passionate about cutting hair and creating unique haircuts.

Myles Alexander

Hello!  My name is Myles Alexander and I LOVE cutting hair!  I have been in the industry for 6 years and I can’t express enough how obsessed I am with what I get the privilege of doing day in and day out.  I am a barber and specialize in cutting men’s hair. I have a true passion for classic styles and cutting techniques and I find great joy in merging the looks of the past with the clean, modern lines of today.

My goal as a barber is for every man who sits in my chair to not only experience an amazing haircut tailored to them and their needs, but also to give them top notch service and attention to detail.. I also LOVE to have a good time laughing, talking sports, current events and even just good ol' fashioned “shooting the breeze”.  I’d love to meet you and give you the Appearances and “mybarbermyles” experience!

Services I provide: Straight razor head shaves, full face shaves, beard line-ups, eyebrow shaping, beard shaping, nose waxing and general men’s haircuts with clippers and/or shears.

Aldona Shafer

Years of service:   23

Favorite Services you like to do: example:  haircuts, color, skin care, nails and why?
Skin Care.  

Personal philosophy:
It is nice to make people beautiful.

Your strongest asset to the beauty industry?
My extensive knowledge in skin care.

Natalie Grider

Natalie Grider is originally from Hillsboro, IL where her passion for hair styling began at an early age.  After conquering Barbie doll hair, her parents recognized her talent and started giving her mannequin heads for Christmas.  Before long, she was styling hair for friends and family as a teen and enrolled in cosmetology school after high school to perfect her talent.  She met Bernie Koch (Appearances Salon owner) when he visited the school to teach cutting techniques. He inspired her that day with his professionalism and passion for hair styling, and she knew at that moment where she wanted to pursue her career after graduation.

From intern to top stylist, Natalie has been with Appearances Salon for over 12 years now.   She is known for her enthusiasm, outgoing personality, and dedicated work ethic. She loves making people feel confident about their appearance and always pushes herself to learn new techniques and continue to grow as a professional cosmetologist.  She specializes in natural looks, blended highlights, hand-painted highlights, and ombre. She consistently produces styles that uniquely fit each client and when asked how she does it, she says, “Hair is my canvas!”

Brandi Hill
Front Desk

Years of service:   8

Favorite Services you like to have done:
Facials and Manicures

Personal philosophy:
You get back what you put in.

Your strongest asset to the Appearances:
Staying calm when things go crazy.

Vickie Broughton

Years of service:   35

Favorite Services you like to do: example: haircuts, color, skin care, nails and why?
Haircutting and dimensional natural looking hair.

Personal philosophy:
A great reward to me is being able to bring joy into someone’s life by giving them a hairstyle or color that they love and makes them feel better.

Your strongest asset to the beauty industry?
My honesty, kindness and caring for people. Also passing along my knowledge to the younger hairstylists

Erica McKinney
Stylist/Make-up Artist

Years of service: 6

Raised in Rochester, IL, Erica received her Associates degree in arts at Lincoln Land Community College.  Erica then pursued a career in the hair industry at Paul Mitchell School, St Louis. Possessing a strong enthusiasm for hair and maekup she feels that these two creative outlets can truly express one's individuality.  

Erica strives to blend and balance current and future trends with a client’s individual style. She is creative and passionate and loves creating beautiful color, and aids with helping people feel great!. “It's amazing to make someone’s day by simply enhancing what they’ve already got!”

Cynthia McEnary
Front Desk Manager

Years of service:   28

Favorite Services you like to have done:
Manicures, pedicures and facials.

Personal philosophy:
It's not high maintenance, it's just maintenance.

Your strongest asset to the Appearances:
Remembering the clients and the services they like to have done.

Positive attitude.  Love to compliment and encourage.

Summer Durazzo

“Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody”.  Already being a veteran in nails since 2012, Summer decided to expand her horizon into the hair world.  She considers her specialties to be first time clients, nails, curly hair, and lightening techniques. She has the most fun with fashion colors and any time she can tap into her own creativity.  Summer joined the beauty industry because she has a deep passion for making people feel good about themselves.

With her eye for detail she strives to give each client an amazing personalized experience each time they sit in her chair.  She loves doing hair that enhances an individuals’ personal style and thrives to make each client feel confident when leaving her chair. Summer's #1 goal is for her clients to leave loving their hair and knowing how to care for and style it at home.

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